Robbie Williams and Take That wines can come to your

Robbie Williams and Take That wines can come to your table if you pay this amount: the truth that no one knows Street Food

Robbir Williams takes the wineRobbie Williams – StreetFoodNews (Instagram photo)

From stage to table, Robbie Williams and Take That become wine entrepreneurs. But how much does their wine cost? Let’s find out.

It was one of the hottest boy bands of the 90s. I take that They brought hordes of screaming girls following them in mad love and tearing their hair out.

Then the drama, the dissolution of the group, as so often happens. It was 1996, exactly one year after the abandonment of Robbie Williams.

Like him, the others also want to pursue a solo career. However, not everyone succeeds. And during Robbie Williams still has a large fan base, the same cannot be said of the others. After ten years the reunion without him, who will not return until 2010. For a year. Also Jason Orange left the company in 2014. Today the group consists of three elements: Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald.

But in life you always have to have a plan B, know how to reinvent yourself and, above all, invest when possible. So be it Williams The Barlow They became two wine entrepreneurs. But how much does their wine cost?

The cost of Robbie Williams and Take That’s wine

Gary Barlow was the first to plunge into the new adventure and create the Organic brand, organic wines. On the product website he wrote: “My passion for wine has developed over the years, having discovered the joys of wonderful and rare red wines almost thirty years ago!” I am fortunate to have traveled the world and tasted many different foods. and wine cultures, and these experiences have formed the basis for the wines that I have created.”

Actually Organic Wines: “I am a huge supporter of organic products and agriculture and it was very important to me that the grapes used in my wines were certified organic so that they were not only sustainable but also as authentic as possible for the wine are “local vineyards”. Let’s see what price these miracles come with.

Gary Barlow wine tastingA gift box – StreetFoodNews (Photo

How much should we pay?

Robbie Williams produces wines and spirits, it has been revealed. However, there is currently no reference to the products on the Internet. Instead, we can get an impression of Gary Barlow’s production. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc costs 9 pounds, around 10 euros, as does the Sauvignon Blush. If we prefer a gift box, the price doubles. The red one is one euro less, but in a gift box with two glasses it rises from 8 euros to around 68 euros.

With Christmas in mind, there is an indispensable offer here: a box for just under 75 euros. If we opted for a luxury version, we would have to shell out around 143 euros. However, for 28 euros we get a real treat, namely a beautiful package of delicious chocolates.

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