Roberto Valbuzzi a photo of him at a very young

Roberto Valbuzzi, a photo of him at a very young age appears: clean shaven and completely different | At first glance you won't recognize it iFood

Roberto ValbuzziRoberto Valbuzzi – (Instagram photo)

He has changed so much over the years that it's hard to believe that he and the boy in the photo are the same person. They are completely different.

Today we see him with one Thick beard and hair showing the first signs of the passage of timebut a few years ago it was a human completely differentwhat almost It's hard to believe it's him. epoch clean-shaven and instead of the upside down quiff he has today, he had one thick black hair. In practice he was a different person and not the chef we know from television today.

In fact, you have to recognize it to recognize it Compare a photo as it looks today with a photo as it looked a few years ago. In this way we understand that the two people who look so different in the photos are actually the same person Roberto Valbuzzi.

They show how Time can change people, although those who change hardly notice their own change. In fact, he uses photos to see his transformations.

Who knows if that also applies to the chef. What is certain is what is in him Much has changed And these don't just affect his external appearance, but much more. It also proves it Photo collection who have portrayed him over the years and who have appeared on his profile Instagram.

Endless but fleeting years

To celebrate that Eleven years of love that there was between the cook and his wife Eleonora Lauritothe couple decided to publish on their social profiles a collection of photos that portray them over the years.

All accompanied by a sweet dedication from her to her husband: “I always say flying and infinite. Today marks eleven years since we first met. purely by chance in Varese. Fly away because it seems like it was yesterday that I met you and to me you're always the twenty-four year old with the gray Budweiser sweatshirt…endless…well when I think back on everything we did, I think that I don't understand how we did this in just eleven years.“They actually did a lot of things together. In fact, they did it in eleven years turned their lives upside down.

Roberto Valbuzzi and Eleonora Laurito Roberto Valbuzzi and Eleonora Laurito – (Instagram photo)

Two lives were turned upside down in just over ten years

This is certainly one of the best things that has happened to Roberto Valbuzzi and Eleonora Laurito in the last eleven years moment of her fateful “yes” and that Birth of her two children, the treasures of her life. These are probably the most important moments for the couple.

Among other things, there is then Roberto Valbuzzi's devotion to the world of cooking and television and also that of his wife, who, like the chef, has become a television character.

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