Roberto Vecchioni is touched when he thinks of his son

Roberto Vecchioni is touched when he thinks of his son Arrigo, who died a year ago: “I see him alive every night, the world doesn't deserve someone like him.”

Guest of the show In other words: On La7, the author of “Luci a San Siro” returned in dialogue with the presenter Massimo Gramellini to trace tragic corners of his recent memory

Roberto Vecchioni is touched when he thinks of his son

“Look how beautiful they are. “All four are alive, even if one is no longer there,” he said emotionally on live television. Roberto VecchioniHe remembers his son Arrigo, who died a little over a year ago, in April 2023, at the age of 36. Guest of the program In other words on La7, the author of Luci a San Siro in conversation with the presenter Massimo Gramellini He returned to retrace tragic corners of his recent memory. “Here We don't make TV out of tears and regrets, Let's leave it to others, I don't care about such things. I say serious, true things,” he continued in a stern and sincere manner.

“This wonderful boy, who is really a wonderful boy, is an extraordinary poet. But there was one problem, that The world didn't deserve someone as beautiful as him, it had to. It wasn't he who had to earn the world, but the world who had to earn him. AND One day he died. He left because the world wasn't his thing, but for me he's always here. At this point, Vecchioni did not speak about his son's disappearance, but literally spontaneously wrote the lyrics to a song for this son who is no longer with us: “The torment is for his mother, The torment continues because a mother is always half-hearted, more than half of her heart is for her children. This is a little less the case with us fathers. The worst thing that can happen in the world is the loss of a child, the worst“.

And again: “Arrigo It's my sweet winter, it's a winter with the snow on it, But there's always something under the snow, right? The grass keeps growing, life is eternal, it is wonderful. I think about it every night. AND I don't think it, I see it, I live it. Nobody leaves. In these hours “Between Silence and Thunder” has appeared in bookstores, the new book by Vecchioni, published by Einaudi, in which the author tells an imaginary grandfather about some of the most significant episodes of his life that happen to him when he is a Child is child, a teenager, thirty years old, up to old age: “It is a book in which I talk about my life since childhood, with letters to a grandfather who never answers, but has a beautiful imagination, because he writes to many people.” He speaks on a wide variety of topics, particularly about culture. In my letters I only talk about things that happen, about Verga events.