1706249917 Rodrigo Vidal39s blooper with Martha Higareda that39s still not forgiven

Rodrigo Vidal's blooper with Martha Higareda that's still not forgiven

    Martha Higareda was rejected by Rodrigo Vidal as her representative when she was knocking on doors to become an actress.  (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage)

Martha Higareda was rejected by Rodrigo Vidal as her representative when she was knocking on doors to become an actress. (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage)

The years pass and Rodrigo Vidal still cannot forgive himself for rejecting Martha Higareda when she came knocking with the desire to perform as a teenager. It cannot be ignored that he could have been the driving force behind the actress' career and this fate could have been different for him as a businessman and producer.

After announcing the launch of his YouTube channel dedicated to conversations with celebrities, the actor reiterated his trauma with Higareda by insisting that she does not love him and does not answer his calls, which is why he rules out her being among his guests. He assumes that she remains upset about being denied entry into the art scene.

It is not the first time that he has spoken out on this topic. For example, in recent years he appeared on Mara Patricia Castañeda's channel to point out that the actress ignores him when he approaches her for collaboration. He also said that this barrier emerged a little over two decades ago.

“He was a nobody in the industry and he came to the first agency I opened. He came with a music group. My heart was pounding (Martha) and I said, “This girl has something.” But the person I was working with at the time said, “No, it doesn't hurt me, I don't see anything, it has nothing.” And we did it,” Vidal told the media.

Today he considers that he made the mistake of not defending his intuition and dismissing Higareda as a talent who projects the opinions of others.

Martha Higareda's path to fame

The actress graduated from the Gonzalo Correa Art and Comedy Center (CAC) in 2000 and immediately began searching for opportunities and a representative to help her find projects. Vidal's agency did not want to represent her. Martha enrolled at Tec de Monterrey to attend university.

During these years Martha auditioned for the film Y tu madre directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The director decided not to include her in the cast because the character featured nudity and the actress was still a minor. Despite it, The director recommended that he keep trying as he saw acting potential in it. Higareda dropped out of university to concentrate on acting.

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At the same time, Vidal did not want to continue working exclusively as an actress, as her interest was always in production and she enjoyed being a manager. For this reason, in addition to reading film plots, he also founded a representation company. In any case, he remained an interpreter because he had to generate the capital to finance his business plans.

Higareda followed Cuarón's advice. He insisted on going to the cinema. When she came of age, she had more opportunities to find a production that would allow her to show herself as an actress. Her persistence was quickly rewarded at the age of 19; Director Fernando Sariñana chose her as the protagonist of Amar te duele.

The film, with a youth plot, is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, set in the city and outskirts of Mexico City. It premiered in 2002 and was a phenomenon. The film caused a stir with its soundtrack and the film debut of Higareda, who connected with the audience and captivated the audience with a semi-act.

Loving you hurts Martha. He began combining film and television to appear in lead teenage roles. A next success in his budding career was the soap opera The Juanas in 2004. In 2007, he made his foray into international cinema with “Borderland,” a novel based on the true case of the Narkosatanikos of Matamoros.

In the meantime, Vidal began his career as an executive film producer with “Making of”. Video houses (Movies in video format at low cost). His first work was My Truth (2004), a film directed by Juan Osorio in which the famous soap opera producer told his version of events about his relationship with Niurka. It was a play that provoked morbidity but was a failure.

Vidal wanted to start as a director and produced his own video at home, The neighbours, in 2006. Starring Rodrigo Murray and Mariana Torres, the film tells the story of a woman who dedicates herself to erotic massages to save her brother's life.

Higareda's Hollywood breakthrough came in 2008 when he starred opposite Keanu Reeves in ” street kings, by David Ayer. In this way, she joins the list of Mexican actresses who manage to go beyond the country in their internationalization intentions. Some time later she began to develop as a screenwriter and producer, with Te I Introduce Laura being her first work with that title.

At the moment, every person's present is different. She exploited her image in other facets. For example influencers and moderators. However, Vidal insists on pointing out that Higareda doesn't want to know anything about him. He does this with the guilt that weighs on him because he rejected her when he wanted to venture into the artistic environment and saw what she had achieved and is still achieving today.

He produces for Videohomes (Patricia, Secreto de Unapassion, 2020) and the films she produces are for streaming platforms such as Netflix (Fuga de Reinas, 2023).


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