Rodriguinho on BBB 24 proves that Karol Conka was the

Rodriguinho on BBB 24 proves that Karol Conká was the heroine of his edition TV

In a week on BBB 24, Rodriguinho managed to attack female bodies, insult Bahians, criticize Amazon festivals, make fun of typical gaucho costumes and even joke about binge eating. The singer's attitude proves that the rejected Karol Conká could be the hero of her season: she moved the game and paid her own tongue to express her opinion on what happened in prison without taking into account the cultural peculiarities of the Having to use brothers So.

Rodriguinho and Karol are antagonists of Big Brother Brasil, but they have different types of villains. João Finamor, professor of digital marketing at ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing), explains TV news It may be more difficult for the Pagodeiro to reverse the situation when he leaves the house.

“While Karol made comments about the situation of the participants, Rodriguinho made some attacks in the area of ​​prejudice. Xenophobia towards Isabelle and the Boi Bumbá festivals, comments on the beret Matteus wears, people’s accents,” the list says.

“Rodriguinho's lines are a bit problematic and he quickly becomes the major antagonist/villain of the issue. And of course, like any villain, he needs the acceptance of a group. This group came into being with the Nizam and the [Lucas] Pizane, who finally agreed with Rodriguinho's unfortunate statements,” he adds.

As with all reality TV storytelling, audiences need people to love and people to hate. Rodriguinho fearlessly fulfills the role of executioner. Despite the reaction of his leadership, which was rated by the public with an “alert” emoji, the artist didn't care. “I just don’t want to be canceled by my wife and kids. The whole of Brazil can cancel me,” he said.

For Finamor, the singer has the potential to support the season's narratives and doesn't deserve to be eliminated at the start of the show. “He has a great chance of being the Karol Conká of the edition, especially because he creates tension with two very popular characters, namely Beatriz Reis and Davi Brito,” he points out.

Rodriguinho's statements reflect a sexist society in which it is bad for women to grow older, have curves, eat and have confidence. It reflects what people in society think. That's why he doesn't receive as much hate as Karol. People think, “Ah, it’s a man, that’s okay.”

Karol Conká's legacy

Three years after Karol Conká's participation in BBB 21, the rapper's speeches became memes on social media thanks to the work of her image management team. The singer managed to turn the “haters” on the internet into fans and is now coping well with her time on the show.

With Rodriguinho, on the other hand, there are still no iconic or funny sayings that could have a positive effect. He “jokes” with the body of Yasmin Brunet, whom he described as “old” and who “eats too much”; and criticism of Davi, whom he called a “normal guy from Bahia.”

“He will continue to behave like this, he shows that he is aggressive. They are villains and antagonists with different behaviors. Karol's lines today are memes. Nothing has gone viral from Rodriguinho but memes, it has no potential. Beside him, “Nizam comes as the villain’s assistant,” says the expert.

“He definitely doesn’t get Karol’s rejection or attacks. Her case had a projection where we can't even measure how much hate she received. Maybe because of the pandemic, because people are locked in and want to let everything out,” assesses Finamor.

Karol also rejected any comparison with Rodriguinho. On Monday (15), the rapper wrote on her profile on

Why was Karol the heroine of BBB 21?

In Villain's Balance, Karol Conká was responsible for making Juliette Freire the audience's favorite. The rapper also had strong allies like Lumena Aleluia, Nego Di and Projota and took them all down.

Taking advantage of his taunts, Karol managed to anger Lucas Penteado so much that he withdrew from the competition. She became the protagonist of the BBB 21 stories because everything was connected to her until the day of the finale. The finalists Juliette, Camilla de Lucas and Fiuk still had unanswered questions about the eliminated candidate.

Karol was a black, successful woman with very strong selfesteem and acceptance, a woman of strength. Anyone who is misogynistic or prejudiced would exploit mistakes to attack. It was something much bigger. Rodriguinho receives hate, but not nearly as much as Karol.

However, Rodriguinho is the brother who moves the wheels of BBB 24. He was responsible for twice blocking Davi Brito, his main competitor and crowd favorite, and said he would not give up until the app driver leaves the program.

“A good plot needs the good guy, the bad guy and the people around him. In just a week it's all happened, Davis' fight with the Nizam, Rodriguinho's problematic speeches… Everything makes us believe that we'll make it.” “A great edition, a lot will happen,” concluded the expert.