Rodriguinho sets conditions to abandon BBB 24 Give me the

Rodriguinho sets conditions to abandon BBB 24: “Give me the button and I'll press it TV

Rodriguinho set a condition for the withdrawal of BBB 24 (28) on Sunday evening. Speaking to Wanessa Camargo, the singer said that he was waiting for a response from the public about one of the participants apparently Davi Brito. “If this is legal for Brazil, give me a button to push,” he said.

The exTravesso did not mention Davi by name, but hinted that he was the app driver. “The only movement I see from her is from him. I don’t see anything,” he said, referring to Isabelle Nogueira.

“Because he did it. He isolated her. One of the reasons I saw, exactly a part of that quality of his.” [de manipular]said Wanessa, who was recently defended by her father Zezé Di Camargo from criticism on social media.

“This point of view is not just ours. It belongs to people who are not our allies,” added Juninho, who was also in the garden of the house.

“One thing is persecution, another thing is factual and factual. He set off triggers for me there that made me tremble,” Wanessa argued.

“I refuse to believe that this is legal for Brazil. If this is legal for Brazil, give me another button to push and go, because I won't do that. That’s why we have to do it to stay.” Here? Yell at others? Manipulate? Lies?” Rodriguinho insisted.

“He behaves like a poor thing,” added the voice of O Amor Não Deixa, who was criticized on social media precisely because she said that Davi triggered a trigger in her at one of the parties.