Rosa Chemical, how did you organize the kiss with Fedez?/ “I’m in the front row…”

Who is Rosa Chemical and why is it called that?

pink chemistryManuel Franco Rocati, class 1998he took eighth place with his song in the final ranking of the Sanremo Festival 2023 “Made in Italy” But has conquered more covers than the winner of Sanremo! Rosa Chemical is a singer who loves hip hop and trap. He started making music only since 2015, his first single was “Kournikova” in 2018 and the most famous one was “Polka”. After the musical debut, Rosa Chemical worked as Model for Gucci but before pursuing a career in show business He was a graffiti artist.

What unites the singer’s old work and the current one is: “Express yourself freely through art”. About her art, Rosa Chemical recently told Le Iene: “I’ve always viewed my music as a means rather than an end. In fact, I’ve decided to deliver a message in addition to a song: freedom, equality, sex, madness, and also a new kind of love that I like to define with fewer prohibitions. The singer, who also achieved a lot of fame for the show created together with Fedez on the Ariston stage, calls himself a homage the name the mother (Rosa) and the band My Chemical Romance.

Rosa Chemical: The organized kiss with Fedez and the exposure of obscene acts in a public place

Rosa Chemical will soon be a guest at Domenica In to talk about the experience at the Ariston in Sanremo 2023 (a stage he had already entered in 2022 when he duetted the song “A far l’amore incomincia tu” with Tananai). Before Sanremo 2023 The singer had never given a concert before and never sung without playback, He had only done DJ sets, let’s say the first time was unforgettable!

Italian audiences were amazing alongside the song the performance of Rosa Chemical. The Kiss by Rosa Chemical and Fedez The two actually ended up in all the newspapers they had already kissed for a cover of “Chi” 8 years agoalso the kiss in the Ariston it was intentional. It was Rosa Chemical who explained the intention of the kiss and the agreement with Fedez in the interview with Mara Venier after the Sanremo Festival, but still Fedez to “Wild Moss” he had said to Rosa Chemical: “I’ll be in the front row, eh, come and say hello to me while you sing… we can kiss”. Apparently more than for the kiss “Pro Vita & Famiglia” filed a complaint at the Sanremo Public Prosecutor’s Office, but for obscene acts in a public place, in reference to the “mimicked sexual relationship” between the two singers on one of the red armchairs in the parquet. Will Rosa Chemical have a say on Sunday?