1706597568 Rosanna Fratello answers Ornella Vanoni after the interview with CTCF

Rosanna Fratello answers Ornella Vanoni after the interview with CTCF: How many did you say bad

Rosanna Fratello responds on Facebook to Ornella Vanoni, who commented on her career to CTCF and claimed that she always knew she would not have made it: “You could have advised me and become my friend, but instead you have always been a villain. “Queen”.

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Rosanna brother He responded with a post on Facebook Ornella Vanoni who, guest of What's the weather like Yesterday, Sunday January 28, he commented on his colleague's career, claiming that at the beginning “it was written on his forehead that he wasn't going to make it.” The singer and former candidate of Big Brother so he answered, “How many did you say, evil queen.”

Rosanna Fratello's answer

Rosanna Fratello responded to Ornella Vanoni with a post on Facebook in which she recalled her successes and accused her of not helping her when she could have done: “Dear Ornella, I watched your speech about me this evening at “Che tempo che fa” belongs. How many did you say! !! I remind you that I didn't just sing “I'm a woman, I'm not a saint.” My audience knows this I was fortunate to have had a long career full of satisfactions, between songs and cinema. With “Strehler” you had a great opportunity, I as the female protagonist in “Sacco e Vanzetti” directed by the great Giuliano Montaldo, a film that toured the world. I was only 20 years old when we were in the same record company, you almost twice. You could have given me some good advice and why not become a friend of mine instead? You've always been like this evil queen, that of Snow White!!!”, the words.

What Ornella Vanoni said to CTCF about Rosanna Fratello

Last night Ornella Vanoni, guest of the CTCF with Mara Maionchi, spoke about her past and her career. She recalled a well-known record producer who followed her and chose Rosanna Fratello over her: “He stopped following me. He said to me, 'See, I have this.' Rosanna brother, you'll see…'. But you'll see, what? I immediately replied: “You will see, it is written on his forehead that he cannot do it.” Fabio Fazio then tried to soften the harsh comment, but to no avail. The singer actually continued: “Success? Uh, a song: “Don’t take me to the forest at night.” I’m afraid of the forest at night. A! That gone, that gone. Rivalry? But what a rivalry.”

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