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Rosenhaus Sports also instructs draft picks to refuse to participate in cognitive testing

Several authorities oppose preliminary cognitive testing.

In response to the news that Athletes First has informed teams that it has instructed its customers not to undergo the S2 test and associated evaluation techniques, Drew Rosenhaus of Rosenhaus Sports informs PFT that his company is informing all NFL Franchises has made a similar announcement.

“We informed the teams around the same time as A1 that our rookie customers would not be taking these tests as well,” Rosenhaus said via text message.

Hopefully it's the start of a trend. Teams will be upset; We've already heard that some are affected, particularly when it comes to players taken after the first or second round.

To that we say: What a shame. These teams put new players through too much scrutiny under the guise of an “interview.” The players have been doing this job for several years at no cost to their college employers. If NFL teams conduct intrusive testing and then give the information to reporters who release it without thinking twice about whether they should do so, then agents should definitely tell teams that they are, to use the technical term, a rope should screw up.

Let us know any other agencies that will do the same and we will give you the same public praise that Athletes First and Rosenhaus Sports have received.