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Russia mimics launching a hypersonic missile

According to its own statements, the Russian Navy successfully tested its new hypersonic missile Zirkon during maneuvers in the Atlantic using computer simulation. The Ministry of Defense announced today on its Telegram channel that this was carried out during an exercise by the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The simulation was successful, commander Igor Kromal reported in the video distributed by the ministry. The rocket itself was not fired at the presumed target at a distance of 900 kilometers.

The video just shows how the missile hatch opens after the firing command. The further course of the launch was modeled on the screens. This would practice the processes for a real launch, it was said to justify.

The Zirkon is a long-range, high-speed anti-ship missile. It is said to be capable of speeding up to over 9,000 kilometers per hour, making it virtually unattainable for air defense. Potentially, the “Zirkon” could also carry a nuclear warhead.