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Russia proposes to manufacture civil aircraft in India

Yury B. Slyusar, general manager of UAC Aerospace Corporation, said the Indian side had been offered to assemble the Sukhoi Superjet using foreign-made components in the South Asian nation according to international technical specifications, The Hindu newspaper reported.

“At HAL’s request, we prepared and sent him a presentation and we are awaiting his response,” Slyusar told reporters on the sidelines of the recently concluded Aero India aerospace event.

The Superjet 100 is a 100-seat civilian airliner designed and developed by Sukhoi Corporation, now merged with MIG Corporation into UAC.

The other major aircraft manufacturers Ilyushin and Tupolev will also soon merge with UAC.

The Superjet could be the first Indian-made civil aircraft to meet national aviation authority requirements.

On the current situation related to the sanctions of the United States and its Western allies against Moscow, Slyusar explained that the Superjet has foreign components that would be certified by European certification bodies and is currently producing an “all-Russian variant with Russian components”, avionics and systems.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia has suffered a series of sanctions from the West and has been locked out of the global Swift payments system and has been seeking import substitution ever since, Slyusar recalled.

He added that they are open to working with the Indian private sector on manufacturing airframes and elements for suppliers, among other things.

The manager presented the Superjet as the ideal platform for India’s plans to expand local and regional transport.

In addition, an important modernization program for the entire fleet of SU-30MKI aircraft has been negotiated with Russia for some time, in order to equip them with better radars, avionics and weapons, among other things, he explained.