Russia steps up military cooperation with Cuba, Lavrov announces

During his visit to the island, the head of Russian diplomacy Sergey Lavrov stressed that the “Military cooperation with Cuba is developing successfullyas agreed between both parties”.

“I understand that the forms of this military cooperation satisfy both the Russian and the Cuban side,” the foreign minister said in Havana press conference while answering a question about the possibility of Moscow rehabilitating its military base in Cuba.

On the final leg of his tour of allied countries in Latin America, which took him to Brazil, Venezuela and Nicaragua, Lavrov met General Raúl Castro and his successor, Miguel Díaz-Canel, in Cuba on Thursday. Also with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodríguez, who assured on Twitter that “they have addressed priority ongoing projects” and Russia’s role in the development plan
Economic-social of Cuba to 2030.

In June 2022, the Federation Council or the Russian Senate postponed the disbursement of loans granted to Cuba until 2027.

The Russian foreign minister said the Kremlin’s new foreign policy “presupposes the significantly increased attention that should be given to Latin Americato the structures that work on the continent, Celac in particular, and of course prioritize those that have long been our strategic partners, including Cuba, which is dear to us”.

Lavrov assured that Moscow and Havana would continue to cooperate at the international level “in the formation of a multipolar world order” based on “the principle of respect for the sovereign equality of states”.

In June 2021, before a meeting with US President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia could Deploy missile systems but rule out a base of operations in Cuba.

We’re pulling our military base out of CubaPutin said in an interview on Russian state television.

In December 2021 the The Kremlin announced that it would help Havana to modernize the calls “defense company” with the transfer of the necessary technologies.

“Cuba has its own factories, we need to raise the level of their competence, provide training and transfer the technologies we have. They have enough weapons,” said the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, the Kremlin’s government agency that coordinates technical cooperation. -Military with foreign countries and reports directly to the Ministry of Defense and the President of Russia, Wladimir Putinin his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Months ago, several senior Russian officials suggested that Moscow could send troops or military assets to Cuba and Venezuela if the United States and NATO continue operations near Russia.