Russia Ukraine a drifting war

Russia-Ukraine, a drifting war

It didn’t all start in February 2022… In 2014, Vladimir Putin ordered the annexation of a region of Ukraine: Crimea.

Since 2014, the two warring factions have been tearing each other apart, directly or indirectly, and are systematically failing to resolve their disputes peacefully.

Many efforts have been made to end this conflict. Peace talks have either failed or led to bogus deals…

Sporadic fighting continued over the years.

It may be too late today… Reason has left the table and diplomacy has hit its wall.

But I hear the echo of Albert Einstein’s wisdom: “Nothing will end war unless the peoples themselves refuse to go to war.” » …

farewell peace?

The word has lost the hour… And the cannons now have a monopoly on it.

At present we have, on the one hand, Russian aggressors preparing to step up their offensive, and, on the other hand, attacked Ukrainians trying with the energy of desperation to retake parts of their occupied territory.

Hopes for peace have thus passed the deep coma stage, also known as coma carus or stage 3. A state “defined by an absolute loss of response to all stimuli”.

The situation is serious and volatile. In addition, given the level of escalation, the worst-case scenario could occur at any time…

This prompted United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to recently tell the United Nations General Assembly: “I am afraid the world is not asleep like a sleepwalker before a major war; but I’m afraid he’s actually doing it wide-eyed.”

And, echoing the wisdom of Albert Einstein, he said: “I don’t know how World War III will be fought, but I do know how World War Four will be fought: with sticks and stones. »

All for that…

In particular, if the worst happened, history would remember that it all started with a dispute in 2013 over a question of geopolitical affiliation with Ukraine’s “palace” before the outbreak of that war…

The “coup” against Ukraine’s then “pro-Russian” president and the enthronement of a “pro-Western” president led to a series of events, including the annexation of Crimea and the armed conflict between eastern Ukraine’s government forces and pro-Russian separatists.

The February 2022 Attempt at Total Annexation is a new episode about Vladimir Putin’s desire to keep Ukraine in Moscow’s sphere of influence and as a “buffer zone” at all costs.

So everything is ready for a long and devastating war. Many tears and blood should flow for a long time…

But although the chances of a quick end to this war, which affects us all, are slim, there is an urgent need to find credible brokers for the framework of a lasting peace.

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