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Russian army advances south of Donetsk

MOSCOW, November 3 (Prensa Latina) Russian troops advanced into the area south of Donetsk and Ukrainian forces tried to counterattack but were stopped, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov reported today.

The spokesman added during his usual press conference this Thursday that artillery units eliminated 80 soldiers, three infantry vehicles and two Ukrainian armored cars during the clashes.

On the orders of Nikolayev Krivoy Rog, Russian units repelled five attacks by motorized infantry companies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and drove the enemy back to their starting positions, Konashenkov noted.

Meanwhile, in the Krasny Liman region of the Lugansk region, Ukrainian forces launched an unsuccessful offensive with three reinforced battalions as the active actions of troops and artillery drove the enemy back to their initials, he said.

Konashénkov also pointed out that Russian troops defeated Ukrainian reserves arriving from the cities of Terny and Kirovsk in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

The enemy recorded more than 200 soldiers killed and 120 wounded, and also lost four tanks, nine armored vehicles and eight cars, he added.

Russian air, artillery and missile troops destroyed the command posts of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade and the 115th Ukrainian Territorial Defense Brigade that day, he said.

Konashenkov further said that the Russian military destroyed a platoon of Grad multiple rocket launchers in the Kharkov region and an artillery battery in Donetsk, and the Aerospace Forces shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter in the Kherson region.

The military spokesman also reported that in the past 24 hours, Russian anti-aircraft defenses shot down eight Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles and intercepted 13 projectiles from multiple rocket launchers Himar, Olya and Uragan.