Russian drones over Lviv two injured The German has doubts

Russian drones over Lviv: two injured. The German has doubts about it "bull" Euronews Italian

Another 400 million euros in military aid from Berlin to Kiev, but doubts about the “Taurus” missiles with a range of around 500 km: They may not be used against Russian territory. Chancellor Scholz’s government is considering whether to send them to Ukraine or not

573 days of war.
During the night a Russian drone attack hit the Ukrainian city Lvivnot far from the Polish border, injuring two people, one of whom was in serious condition and was rescued from the rubble of her home.
After the attack, a major fire broke out.
This was announced by the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovoy.
Sounds of explosions were heard throughout the Lviv region.


Now in Germany…

The German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is preparing a new aid package for Ukraine: the costs are 400 million euros.
The assistance includes armored vehicles, ammunition and demining systems.

According to the federal government, Germany’s total aid to Ukraine from February 2022 to the end of 2023 (including planned but not yet completed deliveries) is already more than 30% 5.4 billion euros.

“The EU ministers will discuss this in New York!”

European foreign and defense ministers met in Toledo on August 30th. They will be speaking about Ukraine again these days in New York during the United Nations General Assembly’s High Level Week.

“We will talk about our future security commitments to Ukraine. We already discussed it in Toledo. The ministers have put on the table various proposals that we will discuss further, in preparation for the meeting we will have in Kiev in the coming weeks. “At the beginning of October,” explained the head of European diplomacy, the Spaniard Josep Borrell.

German doubts

However, Germany has not yet decided on long-range missiles.”bull” demanded by Kyiv.
Last Friday, Federal Minister Pistorius said that the missiles could be sent to Ukraine “within a few weeks,” but the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz still has some doubts.
One of them is to ensure that missiles “bull“, with a range of about 500 km, are not used to attack Russian territory.
The other reason is that the implementation of this complex system in Ukraine may require the support of German specialists.

Towards Bakhmut

From the front, Kiev proclaimed a major success in its counteroffensive and was on the verge of breaking through the Russian defenses Bakhmut.
Ukrainian forces may now take control of a key railway line to the city, according to reports.