1664765506 Russian invaders tried and failed to bribe locals in Kherson

Russian invaders “tried and failed to bribe locals” in Kherson Oblast to participate in a sham referendum, activists claim

На Херсонщині росіяни пропонували жителям по шість тисяч гривень за участь у псевдореферендумь

На Херсонщині росіяни пропонували жителям по шість тисяч гривень за участь у псевдореферендумі

“But everything was so bad in the referendum that the rashists (Russian fascists) couldn’t even bribe our citizens,” the Yellow Ribbon resistance movement said in an Oct. 2 Telegram Messenger post

“The amount offered was 6,000 UAH.”

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The group’s claims cannot be verified. However, there were numerous reports of vote-rigging, coercion and other violations during the “voting period” of sham referendums conducted by Russia in parts of four occupied regions of Ukraine.

Members of the resistance movement said they were proud of all Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories who boycotted the sham referendum.

The Russian invaders held mock referendums in the temporarily occupied parts of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia Oblasts from September 23-27.

Russian propagandists claimed that over or almost 90% of the population in the occupied territories of Ukraine “voted” for Russia’s annexation.

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Figures of 98.42% were given for the Luhansk region, 93.11% for the Zaporizhia region, 87.05% for the Kherson region and 99.23% for the Donetsk region. In many regions, people boycotted the vote, and large numbers of people were absent as they had been evacuated to government-controlled parts of the country.

The international community does not recognize the results of the sham election.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin later signed a decree “recognising the Kherson and Zaporizhia Oblasts as independent oblasts”.

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