1677445229 Russo describes the refugees as quotunworthy peoplequot

Russo describes the refugees as "unworthy people"

It’s been a year since Vladimir Putin gave the order to invade Ukraine. But how do people in Russia see the situation?

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent soldiers across the border into Ukraine. Tens of thousands of Russians have criticized Moscow’s behavior or are trying to flee the armed service. Others have decided to stay but are undecided whether to turn their backs on society or not. And still others support Russian intervention.

divided opinions

The war divided opinion in Russia. But the Kremlin leaves no room for protests. Demonstrations are immediately stopped and political opponents arrested. Criticism of Putin’s offensive can be punished with up to 15 years in prison.

Only news of interest to the Russian government is released day after day. Even in schools where patriotism is on the curriculum. Russian math teacher Tatyana Chervenko lost her job for refusing to teach Russian history that justifies war.

“The Russian authorities have been thinking about what they want to take out of the country. They want tin soldiers. Some of them will go to war, others will make ammunition. (…) They have to do all this without (beating an eyelid) to squirm .” – Tatiana Chervenko

President Putin wants the Russians to protect their homeland from the supposed onslaught of the collective West. A myth that resonates with many in the population. So too from Nikolai Karputkin:

“We are not waging a war against Ukraine, but against the West. It is a war against Western values ​​that they want to impose on us. This is necessary because we have to defend our traditional values ​​and the sovereignty of our country.” – Nikolai Karputkin

Many young people also support President Putin. As well as Alexandra Marakrowa and her husband Dimitri, who hails from the breakaway Donetsk region. Dimitri lost his left leg in a fight a year ago.

“In our time, many have left Russia since the beginning of the special military operation. They are cowards, unworthy people.” – Alexandra Marakrova

It is estimated that around one million people fled Russia as a result of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

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