Sainte Therese One seriously injured after altercation at the exit of

Sainte-Thérèse: One seriously injured after altercation at the exit of bars – Teller Report

A man in his 20s was seriously injured in an altercation that took place in Sainte-Thérèse in the Laurentians on Friday night.

The incident happened around 3:15 a.m. at the exit of the bars on the corner of Rue Turgeon and Rue Blainville Est. A fight ensued between several people, in which one person was injured.

The latter, a man in his 20s, suffered serious injuries and had to be transported to a hospital where there was no fear for his life.

“An object would have been used in the aggression,” said Luc Larocque, deputy director of the Régie intermunicipale de Police Thérèse-De Blainville (RIPTB).

Although a knife was seen at the scene, police have yet to confirm it is the item in question. So far, no suspect has been identified or arrested, Mr Larocque said.

Investigators are busy collecting testimonies and analyzing the crime scene to find out the causes and circumstances of this event. The sirens that wailed at night also woke some residents.

“The streets were all cordoned off, I really don’t know what happened, but I was woken up by beautiful weather.

Since then I can’t sleep because I don’t know what’s going on. I didn’t know if they were looking for anyone in the area,” a neighbor told TVA Nouvelles.

The latter also said that for almost an hour she heard the sirens “shouting from all sides, from all sides”. This usually quiet neighborhood was all the rage about the attack last week after an arson attack at the Slice Gang pizzeria near the scene.

Santa Teresa Festival

Also on Friday evening, the sector welcomed numerous people as part of the Santa Teresa Festival.

However, the police believe that there is no connection between this attack and the incident that took place in downtown Sainte-Thérèse throughout the weekend.

“It could be easy to make a connection with the Santa Teresa festival, but when it happened there was little or no festival-goer attendance. So there would be no connection,” Luc Larocque explained to the QMI Agency.

The festival is expected to resume at 3:30 p.m. as scheduled, he added.

“Our team have contacted the police and there is no connection to the festival. “Today we will be more vigilant, security is already in place throughout the festival perimeter,” specified the festival management in a message sent to the QMI agency, reminding that the event took place outside the festival area.