Salma Hayek presents her vacation in Italy with a natural

Salma Hayek presents her vacation in Italy with a natural look: PHOTOS

Whenever she can, Salma Hayek takes the opportunity to drink Vacation somewhere in the world, this time he did it Italy. The actress He shared a series of photos from the Old Continent so that his followers could see part of his trip, but aside from the beautiful places he visited, it was the beauty of the places that impressed him the most Veracruz.

The actress constantly travels to different countries, whether for professional reasons or simply to spend time with her family. Salma spends most of her time between the United States and France, so it is common for her to visit both the Americas and Europe. This time it was my turn Pompeii In Italy.

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This time it was Pompeii's turn in Italy, where he toured the cobbled paths and historic buildings | Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

Salma offers vacation in Italy

During his time in Italy, Hayek visited the ancient city Pompeii where he said he felt a deep connection to ancient societies. Some photos were taken on site in which she appears with a thoughtful face, but at the same time happy to be in one of the most historic places in the world. World.

“I feel an undeniable connection to the world that existed centuries ago. Walking through the ruins of Pompeii, you can't help but imagine the lives of the people and their spirit in the air. The resistance of its buildings has survived and tells stories of triumph and tragedy, of love and loss, all frozen in time,” he wrote alongside the images.

The actress said she feels a deep connection to ancient societies Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

Some of the photos were taken as selfies to show the location from which he was standing. And as is usual in Salma, she was spotted with one see very natural, something that highlights her facial features and of course herself beauty.

The photos quickly racked up thousands of likes, more than half a million to be exact, and thousands of comments from her followers filling her with compliments and compliments.

The actress took some selfies from the place | Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

How old is Salma Hayek?

Salma Hayek was born on September 2, 1966, so he is 57 years old. The actress first saw the light in the community Coatzacoalcos in the state of Veracruz. Although he had a successful career in Mexican cinema and soap operas, he had the initiative to venture into the industry at a young age. Hollywoodwhere he still has a successful career today actress and producer.