Salvo Sottiles makeover led to him losing 27 kg the

Salvo Sottile’s makeover led to him losing 27 kg: the exact moment he realized he had to change his life Cityrumors Abruzzo

Salvo Sottile revealed to Il Messaggero how he did it and what made him lose weight: the whole truth about the journalist’s makeover.

One of the most famous faces in the Italian information world, Except Sottile He is also a popular television host. From his first collaboration with the newspaper La Sicilia at just 16 years old, through Tg5 directed by Enrico Mentana, to programs such as Quarto Grado, Mi manda Raitre and I fatti tue, the journalist from Palermo has always had a strong passion for his work shown.

Except slim kilos lostSalvo Sottile’s redesign so that he lost 27 kg: when he realized he had to change his life (

However, thanks to his charisma, he has managed very well to penetrate the world of entertainment and reveal a more playful part of himself that is very welcome to viewers. In recent years, everyone has noticed that their image has also undergone an important change: Slim lost 27 kg and today, at 50 years old, he shows an enviable physical condition.

In an interview with Il Messaggero, he recounted some of the crucial phases of his career, revealing details that were unknown to most. As for the more personal aspects, the former face of I is fatti fatti revealed what made him decide to change his lifestyle and which habits made the difference.

Salvo Sottile, “From 108 kg to 81”: The background to his weight loss, which is not known to everyone

Having reached the famous “turning point” of the fateful half-century, Sottile rightly still has plenty of energy and enthusiasm for future projects. “I would like to experience prime time entertainment on Rai2. I have already done it with Mediaset, as presenter of Fourth Grade, it would not be an absolute debut – he confided in the pages of the well-known newspaper – I feel ready. I would like to take a quiz or tell positive stories. I have a project.”

Slim weight lossSalvo Sottile’s makeover led him to lose 27 kg: it was precisely at that moment that he realized that he had to change his life – Credits: Instagram @salvosottile_ (

In addition to the desire to continue to be professionally involved, What gave him new life was, above all, his newfound physical form. A result achieved through a profound change in healthy eating, constant exercise, etc.

The “click” that convinced him to finally stop a sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet and smoking was the horror he experienced due to illness. “Five years ago I had a semi-cardiac attack. I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, I ate around the clock, I was very stressed – he recalled – The doctor told me I would die if I didn’t change my life“.

At that moment he decided: “I went on a diet and started exercising, I had never done that before. I went from 108 kilos to 81. My body has changed, but so has my life.”