Samantha Fox was arrested for being drunk on a plane


Samantha Fox spent a night in jail after she was stopped on a British Airways flight from London to Munich. The 57-year-old '80s star was drunk and got into an argument with another traveler. According to the Sun, the singer also ensured that the plane returned to the runway. The passengers were dropped off and accommodated in a hotel to continue the journey the next day. Fox said she was very sorry for what happened.

After realizing what she had caused, Samantha Fox said she would cooperate with the investigation. In order to be released after a night in jail, she had to post bail. Fox is facing a difficult time after tragedy struck her last March: her sister Vanessa died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 50. The two sisters were very close and Fox had previously said that Vanessa had saved her when her alcoholic father had once beaten her. “I thought he was going to kill me and begged him to stop. When I tried to get up, he kicked me in the stomach so hard I was breathless and he never stopped,” Samantha said.