Sami Zayn finally turns on Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble

Sami Zayn finally turns on Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble

Early tonight at tonight’s (Sat, Jan. 28, 2023) Royal Rumble Premium Live Event at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Roman Reigns made it clear that he wanted Sami Zayn by his side throughout the night, right through and through his WWE Universal title defense against Kevin Owens. Despite proving himself time and time again, Reigns refused to trust Zayn and wanted to keep him close.

Here he went through what Reigns called his “final test.”

WWE promoted it with a nifty video package just before the match, calling it “the final chapter.”

How the hell would this all come about?

A referee jabs and Reigns tells Zayn to give him a chair, and Sami seems conflicted before finally doing so. Owens recovered in time to hit a stunner for an incredibly close nearfall.

A short time later, Zayn asks Owens to just stay downstairs. “Just end it,” he said several times.

Reigns repeatedly bounces KO’s head against the steps, leading Sami to watch him do it.

Finally, mercifully, a spear in the middle of the ring and a three count, with Reigns defeating Owens to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

But that wasn’t the end.

The whole of The Bloodline took the stage and before he could do anything Reigns let Zayn watch the Usos put the boots on an already done Owens. And then they put him in the corner with a chair around his neck and Solo Sikoa tried him too. Then the handcuffs came out and Owens was tied to the top rope with both wrists.

He ate super kick after super kick after super kick. “I can’t even look, it’s disgusting,” Michael Cole explained simply.

And Sami was still watching.

Reigns grabbed a chair and just as he was about to crash it on Owen’s head, Zayn blocked his way.

“It’s below you! You don’t have to do this. You’re better than that. You are.”

So Reigns handed him the chair.

“I shouldn’t be doing it,” Reigns said.

“You should do it.”

Zayn didn’t want to. Reigns drove him on. “He does not care about you! He’s been dragging you down since day one! He is an anchor. You are important to me! I love you!”

Zayn took the chair and lifted it up.

“Pull the trigger,” Reigns called.

When he didn’t, Reigns punched him in the face.

“You think this is a game?!? That is my life!”

And then Reigns turned to yell at Owens again.

So Sami did it.

He hit Reigns in the back with the chair.

Jey Uso was devastated.

Jimmy Uso responded with a superkick and a barrage of punches.

Solo Sikoa threw Jimmy away to get at Sami himself. The beating continued. Jimmy, Solo, and Reigns were there now, charging at Zayn.

But Jey wasn’t there.

He stood in the corner, head down, unsure. When his family asked what he was doing, Jey slid down and left the ring, slowly walking up the long entrance hallway, his hands covering his mouth. He seemed close to tears.

The rest of the Bloodline continued their assault on Zayn.

The Alamodome let Reigns know how they felt about it with a loud chant.

“Fuck you Roman.”

And then they left.

Zayn lay helpless in the ring. Owens still handcuffed to the ropes, also defeated.

The Bloodline stopped for one last look around the ring.

Fade to black.

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