1704764660 Samsung39s 4 new features at CES 2024 that aren39t new

Samsung's 4 new features at CES 2024 that aren't new – Frandroid

Samsung put on a show at CES 2024, unveiling lots of products for 2024: TVs, projectors, soundbars, you get the idea. But between us, we had a certain feeling of déjà vu with each new announcement. It's not that we don't like old concepts being updated, because that's often how we move forward. But hey, we're here to tell you what it really is.

Samsung39s 4 new features at CES 2024 that aren39t newThe transparent OLED screen from Samsung with its thin edges

Sorry for the sudden cooling of the atmosphere. Events like CES 2024 have traditionally been showcases for manufacturers, rolling out the red carpet for their innovations and promising unprecedented technological wonders. Samsung's first look revealed a host of brand new products for 2024, including TVs, video projectors and soundbars.

However, after the initial astonishment wore off, a recurring discussion arose in our editorial team: “Impressive, but haven't we seen this somewhere before?” Of course, there's no crime in using existing technology in a new light; ingenuity is often in the application rather than the invention. Nevertheless, it seems wise to put these “new developments” in the right context and to separate the truth from the déjà vu.

The Frame Audio or the art of reinventing the loudspeaker

A work of art or a speaker? Both, says Samsung with its HW-LS60D. Clever, aesthetic, but wait … Ikea, in collaboration with Sonos, has already played this tune with the Symfonisk speaker. However, Samsung has gone further, particularly thanks to Dolby Atmos technology and a configuration of two woofers, two tweeters and two midrange drivers for rich and immersive sound.

Transparent micro LED, through the mirror from LG

Next, let's talk about Samsung's transparent Micro LED. They came out with this TV concept that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. But at exactly the same time, LG Electronics announced plans to launch its first transparent OLED, and apparently they're not new to this game.

In fact, LG Electronics has been making waves with its transparent OLED since at least 2021, and the brand is close to bringing it to market for the average person. So yes, Samsung's Micro LED may look beefier and be technically more interesting, but we can't help but think they're after LG. It's more of a race to see who's the coolest, at least for now.

Wireless 8K ultra short throw projector

Samsung announces an ultra-short throw 8K and wireless projector! Well, almost wireless, except for the power supply. Everything is connected to a One Connect box, where the video and audio data is processed. LG, on the other hand, seems to have already set its signal to this frequency for its TVs since 2023 with the M3 and M4 OLEDs. Thank you, Samsung, for reminding us that in the world of tech, “new” is often an elegant synonym for déjà vu.

The touchscreen video projector

Finally the Premiere 5, a projector that turns your table into a giant touchscreen tablet. Innovative concept? Maybe until you discover Sony's Xperia Touch. Samsung seems to have taken a page from Sony's book and colored it in its own way. In addition, both products can be operated via “touch”. However, we can't wait to see the response to this new product.

1704764657 292 Samsung39s 4 new features at CES 2024 that aren39t newSamsung The Premiere 5

As you can see, although Samsung offers products with improvements and careful design, many of these “innovations” have already been introduced or tested by other manufacturers. Samsung's true innovation may lie in its ability to make these technologies more accessible and popular with the general public.

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