Sandrine Rousseau talks about the Gerard Miller affair in Quotidien

Sandrine Rousseau talks about the Gérard Miller affair in “Quotidien”.

Sandrine Rousseau in “Quotidia” screenshot

The guest of Yann Barthès, MP and environmental activist, discussed her absence from the agricultural fair, Emmanuel Macron's recent speech, but also freedom of expression on sexual violence.

“All these women are gradually overthrowing a system. » Sandrine Rousseau was invited to the set of “Quotidien” this Wednesday, February 28th. A whole range of current issues have come under scrutiny, from the agricultural fair to Emmanuel Macron's declaration of support for Ukraine to allegations of sexual violence against public figures such as Gérard Depardieu or even Gerard Miller .

“We could take women without their consent and in the end it was a piece, almost a piece of jewelry, that we displayed to show that we were a man with power,” explains Sandrine Rousseau bluntly. “This world is disappearing thanks to the courage of these women. […] It was one of the characteristics of power to be able to do this. We saw it with PPDA, we see it with Gérard Miller,” explains the environmentalist MP.

“I fell off the chair”

Julien Bellver then takes the opportunity to point out that Sandrine Rousseau knows him “very well” and asks her about her reaction to the allegations against the psychoanalyst and TV columnist. “Okay, let’s not exaggerate anything. I hadn't heard of some of the rumors. I fell out of my chair, and more than that, when I fell out of my chair, I felt extremely betrayed.” The environmentalist continues her comments by explaining that she feels betrayed personally, but also because he showed his support during the primaries. In 2021, a photo was taken of the activist and psychoanalyst all smiling arm in arm. Since the allegations against the TV man, this cliché has come to the surface, embarrassing Sandrine Rousseau.

The latter also felt politically betrayed. “He was one of those men who gave a speech on MeToo and supported women. When we saw what came out of it, I was not only betrayed, but also very angry,” she admits and then asserts that she no longer has any contact with the person concerned. “I haven't spoken to him about it and I don't feel like discussing it with him today. »