1676928023 Sanremo 2023 Bortone meets Amadeus quotI was bad at itquot

Sanremo 2023, Bortone meets Amadeus: "I was bad at it"

Sanremo 2023 Bortone meets Amadeus quotI was bad at itquot

Serena Borton didn’t like the final classification Sanremo 2023 and now she explains what are the reasons that have disappointed her. Indeed, the Today is Another Day host explained that the lack of women among the top five finishers is something she believes should never be repeated. Amadeus had in the last few days answered Mengoni, who had immediately reported this strange anomaly on the evening of the final, that behind the absence of women in the first five positions was only a musical problem, or in his opinion the songs that arrived at the top were better than those who stayed outside the top 5.

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And so Bertone reacted in an interview TV talk: “I was very upset and said it many times. At this point, I hope that in 2024 there will be five women with five great songs.” In short, Bortone certainly did not spare Amadeus this result, which pushed aside the fair sex in Sanremo from the culprits. In fact, the final ranking takes into account the televoting, the vote of the press room and the vote of the opinion poll jury Nobody could predict 5 men in the first 5 positions…

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