Sanremo 2023, Little Tony’s daughter after Gino Paoli’s slip ups: "Apologize publicly"


Sanremo 2023 is over, but there are some polemical aftermath. Like the one related to the gossip Gino Pauli He narrated during the finale on stage at the Ariston and that it was about Little Tony. The singer’s daughter, Cristiana Ciacci, didn’t take Paoli’s departure well and asked for some sort of remedy. “What has been done is in all respects a public offense — he said on a television program — and I request a public apology on behalf of my family and all of Dad’s fans.”

It was one of the highlights of the Sanremo final, both emotional and embarrassing. Gino Paoli’s intervention certainly did not go unnoticed. The story about Little Tony, who according to Paoli had asked him for advice in the 1960s after being cheated on by his then-girlfriend, was promptly stopped by Amadeus and Gianni Morandi, surprised by the gossip twist from Paoli’s memories, but nonetheless, it Cristiana Ciacci did not leave indifferent.

Little Tony’s daughter underscored how those words were spoken by the Ariston stage, which was being watched around the world at that moment. “He did it against a person who is no longer there and who can’t defend himself – he said on the show “Storie Italiani” -. I don’t know if it’s true or not, I don’t think so, but if it is I found it very rude.”