Sanremo 2024 Amadeus angers fans scary times ballbuster

Sanremo 2024, Amadeus angers fans: scary times ballbuster

Sanremo 2024 is just around the corner and this time it could be completely different than usual with absolute news: Amadeus is angering the fans.

Millions of people inside Italy They are eagerly waiting for the month of February to witness it Sanremo Festivalwhich will also host in 2024 Amadeus. There are endless controversies about how this Italian music festival And this year too, the often even funny arguments between the fans and the presenter of the musical show have already begun.

In a few days, all the singers – with their respective songs – will be announced in the competition, but Amadeus still does not give those asking questions any certainty and even points out that everything could change until the last moment.

Sanremo 2024 is getting closer and preparations for the new edition of the Italian song festival are underway. After Amadeus announced the names of the PrimaFestival hosts, he also announced that they would be announced Main singer of the Sanremo Festival 2024 on December 3rd.

At the Milan Music Week, during the meeting The upcoming Sanremo: Amadeus talks about the next festival, the host of the festival explained: “Sunday December 3rd on the news at 1:30 p.m. the names of the Main singer of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival“.

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But it didn’t stop there, and in fact his announcement sparked a series of controversies over the broadcast times of the five Sanremo evenings. Often the evenings of festival They ended late at night, causing anger and controversy among all viewers, who often complained about the program’s excessive length.

“I’m telling you now, it’s getting very late this year. It doesn’t close until two in the morning, we won’t sleep for a week. he announced, smiling, Amadeus. He immediately made it clear that the Italian song festival would also be broadcast late into the night in 2024.

As for the participants, nothing has been announced yet and there could be important news until the day before the final decision, Amadeus explained.

“I accepted 400 proposals from big names and more than 1,000 from young people. I listen to everything, it’s the most fun and also the most responsible thing, because from the first year I always started music, it’s the most important thing.”

There is less and less time left before Sanremo begins, but the announcement of the broadcast time of the five evenings – from February 6th to 10th – has already caused a stir chaos And Controversies on social networks.