Sanremo 2024 the voices for the songs Negramaro before applause

Sanremo 2024, the voices for the songs: Negramaro before applause, Ricchi and Poveri already from the stadium

We listened to the unreleased songs from Sanremo 2024 (February 6-10). This year there are 30, so a lot. We don't have enough space to stay here. And so here's the usual “summary verdict” after the first listen, which, let's face it, is worth what it's worth, because today a song might disgust you and tomorrow you'll be singing it in your underwear in the morning. Be patient.

Diamonds in the Rough How many expectations we have of our lives, we young diamonds in the rough. But failure is just around the corner. Decent pace, but basically two lies. “But we're still afloat, who knows why.” My dad always says, “If you can stay afloat, it's because you're good.” Or because you're an asshole. We trust the former.
Rating 5

You are moving. He and she have broken up, he trusts that there is still hope, but not too much. Very stylish. More like Sanremo. It looks like Make Noise, but was purchased at a discount store. “That's really what you want, a sip of poison and then.” Better a Braulietto.
Rating 5.5

Tuta Gold Mahmood remembers when they insulted and beat him outside middle school. Very rhythmic singing. Mahmood is not an idiot. “White shirt, gold teeth, blue jeans, don’t compare me to such a bitch.” Tamarreide.
Rating 7.5

Take care of me, him and her, the mistakes, the lies and the love, who knows if it will triumph. Honey in abundance that in the middle of it all you urgently request a vial of insulin. But it hits all the right buttons. “Sometimes I was a bit of an idiot.” We suspected so.
Rating 6.5

The crazy autobiographical Loredana admits to being like a balcony. And he doesn't care anyway. Total money, you learn that the first time you listen. Mini skirt is expected. “I'm always the girl who almost gets angry.” There is a certain consistency.
Rating 6.5

I don't understand the punk government, but it's a good sign. Go away, it's my pleasure. “But didn't you live in Beverly Hills?” You'd like that.
Rating 7

Up to this point she is lost in this rainy Rome. There is also a little wind. And a virtual skyscraper. And she falls from that skyscraper. And he also mentions Sally di Vasco. I'm very afraid – almost afraid – that it could be among the candidates. “All it takes is a little wind and everything flies away.” Thank God.
Rating 7

Heaven doesn't want us. He is ready to die for her again. We need to understand whether she agrees. Tum tum tum tum. And boom. Miscible. “Letting myself fall into the void to feel alive.” So to me it seems like nonsense.
Rating 5

Mariposa Fiorella tells you “who women are”. A kind of manifesto, but also a session with the analyst. And you are the analyst. A freedom song in Latin American style. “I am a mirror that is broken.” With all due respect, I give myself a scratch.
Rating 6

A boy and a girl. They meet during an evening and find out how it ends. An Italodisco that didn't make it. “Lips on lips, what will happen then?” And what will happen, they will fuck.
Rating 5.5

Apnea She is a little worried about her love and there is a suspicion that he has already broken his chestnuts. Not bad, nice rhythm, a touch psychedelic. “If I had a remote control, I would never change you.” Words like stones.
Rating 7

Love in the mouth. Uh, unfortunately they broke up and he still feels the bitterness of the end. I don't know why, but it reminds me of Le vent nous portera. I mean, it actually has nothing to do with it, but I wrote it now. “I leave my clothes on the street.” There are intentional Caritas bells, please.
Rating 7+

Rose villain
Click boom! She is deeply in love and does nothing to hide it. More strategy would be needed. The chorus with “Boom Boom” is like “The boss’s car has a psss in the tire.” And I said everything. “I would follow you up Everest with all my broken bones.” Experienced Sherpa required.
Rating 5

Let's start again from the beginning. He wants to start over with her, who was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And the song is beautiful too. Very. Well done, Giulia. “And then it rains out of the hole on your heads.” If I'm not mistaken, there's still a 50% deduction for renovations.
Rating 7.5

Anger is not enough for you. Catchy chorus, lurking radio. But little substance. “If you get lost, follow me.” Where are we going?
Rating 5

Crazy about you. A spooky hymn to love, something that came from a drawer that was supposed to stay closed. At this point I would like to understand what the Jalisse family was like. “Love is noble, it is made of indestructible metal.” “I don't believe that” (quoted by Annamaria Bernardini de Pace).
Rating 4.5

My house. We are all the same. My house or your house, what's the difference? I tell you, there is a risk of political controversy here. “But the grass is green, greener, greener. And the sky is blue, blue, blue. And the cow makes mu and the blackbird makes me.
Rating 6.5

You do not do that. It ended badly and he sensationally collapses in the fatal memory. Pure suffering, dominant piano, rain in the background. Dark. “All it took was a stupid song to bring you back to me.” Brillicco is better, believe me.
Rating 6.5

Boredom Angelina looks for solutions to avoid boredom. Anything but boring. Original. Fresh. Good. “A crown of thorns will be the dress code for my party.” Dirty party. Rating 7 GEOLIER I am for me, you are for yourself And nothing, the two go well together. Tight Neapolitan that runs very well, nice arrangement. “Simm duji, strangers meet”. Good old Tinder never cheats.
Rating 7

Spectacular He falls in love. And oh well. Ballatona. Very summery. In the sense that it tastes like a meeting by the sea, hormones the size of cherries, monstrous lemons at sunset and so on. “It's spectacular to hold you.” Be careful that in these times it may take a moment for the complaint to arrive.
Rating 7

Self-destructive. He is tough, different from the others, he doesn't trust, he is alone, his fate is self-destructive. Like Blink 182, but it's not Blink 182. “No one stays forever except the tattoos on your skin.” The IRS stays too, have faith.
Rating 6

That's everything he and she love in North Rome. Ballatona. To stop. Everything is too “neat”, but it is a beautiful gazelle. “Call me when you come to my house.” Oh, of course, otherwise he's a thief.
Rating 7

You honestly think about your relationship with him. Like all the previous ones, you learn in half a second. And that is its strength, but also its limit. We'll do it until September. Even in October. Maybe November. “You put out cigarettes on blue velvet.” Nice asshole.
Rating 6.5

Go! A small country. A little whistle. A kind of rodeo. A bit like a catchphrase. “I'm trying to chase the wind.” And who are you, Mandrake?
Rating 6.5

Masterpiece She has arrived and everything is more beautiful (we will talk about it again in a few years). Perfectly coordinated chorus from the trio, breakneck ending à la Al Bano Carrisi. A bit banal, but it could have been worse. “There was nothing good before you,” Cannavacciuolo’s wife said to her husband.
Rating 6.5

High wave. Not banal, great text, possible critics' prize. “How can I want an incognito life if all I talk about is myself?” Applause.
Rating 7.5

Fragile The two are as fragile as snow. And they take each other and leave each other and still love each other. He knows he's heard it before, but he's in good company. “In this black sea there is only you.” Because the others have apparently seen the stranded oil tanker.
Rating 6

Two swings He and she together are a force. But that's what the couples in the previous songs thought too. “You and I stop the world when we're together.” Be careful, that's what the Ferragnezs thought too.
Rating 7

riches and poor
But not all of life. It's already a stadium choir. I don't think I can give a better compliment. “You know I'll wait for you, but not all my life.” Baffo, we miss you.
Rating 7
Or quite the opposite.