Sanremo charged with obscene acts against Fedez Rosa Chemical


A exposed to Fedez and Rosa Chemical it was presented at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Imperia for obscene acts in a public place after the “performance” at the finale of the 73rd Sanremo Festival. It was the club Per Life & Family to “signal” the two singers. for “imitation of sexual intercourse” on the Ariston stage. The complaint follows the news of the Blanco’s complaint for damage after the first evening show of the song festival, when the artist kicked the rose garden set up on the stage.

“It is – according to the complaint – behavior of outrageous gravity that has provoked a wave of general outrage due to the shame, discomfort and disgust caused by the vulgarity of the behavior in the sexual sphere.”

In the complaint to the Imperia public prosecutor’s office, the Rome-based association explains the reasons for the complaint, which “also followed the more than 37,000 signatures collected on a popular initiative by Pro Vita & Famiglia”. In a joint note, Pro Vita & Famiglia spokesman Jacopo Coghe, Carlo Giovanardi and Valerio Cianciulli explain that the complaint was filed by lawyer Luca Ghelfi: “on the basis of Article 529 of the Penal Code (obscene acts and objects) and 527 PC ( obscene acts in a public place) on behalf of the non-profit organization itself, the Hon. Carlo Giovanardi, former Minister with responsibility for the family, and the lawyer Valerio Cianciulli, father of two minor children”.