Sarah Ferguson has skin cancer A new blow for the

Sarah Ferguson has skin cancer. A new blow for the royal family

LONDON. A far cry from “annus mirabilis,” as everyone at Buckingham Palace had hoped after a 2023 plagued by violent public accusations against Harry and Meghan. This year has started badly for the royal family. After Kate's mysterious hospitalization for abdominal surgery, which has been kept quiet, and the impending hospitalization of King Charles III. because of an enlarged prostate, there is another serious illness in the family. A new shock for the United Kingdom and for this increasingly fragile and stunted monarchy.

This time it was she who received a bad diagnosis Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and controversial ex-wife (although still living together) of the discredited Prince Andrew. For them it is an “aggressive form of skin cancer,” as their spokespeople revealed. Just a few months ago, the 64-year-old Duchess was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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A “malignant melanoma”

“Following this last summer,” explains a spokeswoman for Sarah Ferguson, “she has now been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the most serious of all skin cancers.” “Her dermatologist had requested the removal of several moles before she underwent plastic reconstruction surgery following her mastectomy . However, one of these moles was identified as cancerous.”

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Now the Duchess will undergo new tests to ensure the disease does not spread to other parts of her body. “But the Duchess,” the speaker continues, “is happy that her experience can teach other people something.” In any case, stay in a good mood.”

Breast cancer last year

As Sky News recalls, Sarah Ferguson underwent an eight-hour single mastectomy and reconstructive operation last year after being diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram. She had had no symptoms up to that point and even later admitted that she was close to canceling the appointment before being convinced otherwise by her sister. After the operation, the Duchess said she was “proud” of the operation: like “a medal of merit.”

The woman, who is being treated by specialist Andrew Furness from the Royal Marsden Hospital (the same hospital where Gianluca Vialli was hospitalized), has two daughters with Prince Andrew, Eugenia and Beatrice. Only last Christmas, after many years, the Duchess appeared again with the rest of the family at the Sandringham mass at the royal estate in Norfolk. Ferguson had not been invited to a royal family event since 1992, the year of her split from Andrea and the scandalous topless photos in France with her American lover John Bryan while he kissed and licked her feet.

But 1992 was also “annus horribilis” for the Windsors, as Queen Elizabeth called it: the problems between Ferguson and Andrea, but also the publication of the controversial memoirs Lady Diana signed by Andrew Morton, Princess Anne's other divorce from her husband Mark Phillips and a terrible fire at Windsor Castle. Now, in a few weeks, Sarah Ferguson He is the third member of the “company” to receive a worrying diagnosis from doctors. Another “annus horribilis” for the royal family.