Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York has been diagnosed with

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has been diagnosed with melanoma

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, (divorced) wife of Prince Andrew, reveals she has “melanoma.” “After being diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer in the autumn, Sarah, Duchess of York, has now been diagnosed with malignant melanoma,” a spokesperson said.

In less than a week, the third alarm bell sounded about the Windsors' health following the operation of Princess of Wales Catherine and the hospitalization of King Charles III. This week for corrective prostate surgery.

The melanoma was discovered during a visit for reconstructive surgery following Sarah Ferguson's mastectomy months ago. “The Duchess,” her spokesperson continues, “remains optimistic: she is undergoing further tests to determine whether the melanoma was detected in its early stages.”

At Christmas, after thirty years of ostracism, King Charles III. The invitation to the traditional Windsor Christmas meeting in Sandringham was also addressed to the Duchess, who came with her husband Andrew, who, although divided by the divorce, never missed his support in the legal dispute in the Epstein/Giuffre case. And even in the difficult phase of exclusion from public life, from an official role for the Windsor company.

Because of breast cancer, the Duchess underwent an operation at the King Edward VII Hospital in the heart of London, where, for example, Prince Philip was hospitalized for a long time in the last season before the end in 2021.

And even the Duchess of York, like King Charles a few days ago, wanted to turn the announcement of her serious health problem into a call to monitor her health and keep it under control. Just as her daughter Eugenie had already done when she decided to show off the long scar on her back from corrective surgery for scoliosis as a child with the neckline of her wedding dress.

“I don't think of myself as anything, but I want to use the power of communication to get messages across,” she told us a few years ago when we interviewed her for Corriere. And if there was a moment when I was very quiet, now I feel obliged to show myself more, for the charities I am involved with, for example Children in Crisis.”

The Duchess had opened up about her “battle with obesity” and confessed that she “always speaks from the heart, I say what I think, not what they want me to say.” Having battled obesity since I was 12, I know what it's like to be bullied at school because of your physical condition.

For years, Sarah Ferguson has been committed to the Michelle Obama Foundation “for a healthier America and a healthier world,” concluded the Duchess. And I, as a mother, have tried to raise my daughters to understand the need to give back (of what life has given them). Today they are both very involved in charitable causes.”