Sasha Montenegro died at the age of 78

Sasha Montenegro died at the age of 78

Aleksandra Acimovic Popovic, better known as Sasha Montenegro, died this Wednesday at 78 years old because of a stroke that he suffered from it Cancer that he suffered lung.

The star was also one of the Leading actresses within the Mexican cinema in the 70s decade and was also prominently involved in several novels.

Who was Sasha Montenegro?

Sasha Montenegro was born on January 20, 1946 in Bari, Italyalthough his parents were born in what was then Yugoslavia.

After a few years, she and her family They emigrated to Argentina, where her father died, leaving her alone with her mother, who remarried some time later. Montenegro began his studies while already living in South America.

Was At 23 years old that Sasha Montenegro after receiving a film offer arrived in Mexico.

As part of his career stand out The Ribbons The played alongside El Santo (Saint against black magic, Santo against the otherworldly assassins and Santos and Blue Demon against Dr. Frankenstein).

Sasha too was part of “The Glories of the Great Púas”.', tape what is based in the boxer's life Ruben 'Púas' Olivares.

Sasha Montenegro got married with the former president of Mexico Jose Lopez Portillo in 1995 and they were together until he died in 2004.