Sasha Montenegro turns 77 5 photos confirming her as the

Sasha Montenegro turns 77: 5 photos confirming her as the most beautiful actress of Ficheras cinema

Within the history of the seventh art in Mexico There was a genre of films called File Moviespopular in the mid 70’s and 80’s where beautiful actresses were distinguished by their talent, the way they danced and their sensual dresses called vedettes, and one of them was distinguished by their height beauty and statuesque silhouette Sasha Montenegrostanding on long tablecloths this January 20th to celebrate turns 77.

The term has its origins in the title of one of the first of these films called “Beauties at Night” (Las files) from 1975. Although this is considered the first film of the genre, the theme of stars and revue theater had previously been presented in the cinema in the film “Tivoli”. Just like him Rumbera’s cinemawhere beautiful actresses were also conspicuous, he based his arguments on women from nightlife and cabaret, but used explicit nudity on a few occasions to lure audiences to his box office.

Sasha Montenegro, the most beautiful actress of cinema Ficheras

Aleksandra Acimovic Popovic, the star’s real name, was born on January 20, 1946 in Bari, Italy. She was the only child of an immigrant couple from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. When she was very young, she moved to Argentina with her family, where her father died. Some time later his mother married a merchant. The family lived in the province of Mendoza for a few years.

Sasha was distinguished in the cinema by her beauty. Photo: Special

The actress who became known in show business as Sasha MontenegroHe came to Mexico in 1969 at the age of 23 for a job offer in the cinema. He played his first roles in films such as “A Dream of Love” in 1972 with the singer José José, “Santo Against Black Magic” in 1973 and “Santo and the Blue Demon against Doctor Frankenstein” in 1974.

Montenegro She never returned to Argentina, in Mexico she began her career as a photo novella actress and model. Other of his well-known projects were: “Muñecas de Medianoche”, “The Glories of the Great Púas”, “Pedro Navaja”, “Forbidden Beach”, “Las Vedettes”, “Chili picante”, “With the Borrowed Body” and “Blanca Snow and … her seven lovers”. His recent film credits include the Spanish film Una de Zombies (2003) and a Canadian independent film entitled The End of Silence (2005).

The Vedette was one of the favorites of the cinema Ficheras. Photo: special

The actress married former President of Mexico José López Portillo. Photo: special

From 1975 he appeared in the film “Beauties by Night”, which is considered the first film. As his career boomed in the ’70s, Montenegro became involved with the politician and then President of Mexico, José López Portillo, who was married to Carmen Romano but with whom they began a love affair show girl. The politician divorced in 1991 and married the beautiful actress in a civil ceremony in 1995.

After the former President’s first wife died in May 2000, Sasha and Lopez Portillo They got married. As a result of their controversial relationship, two children were born: Nabila and Alejandro. The former president died in 2004, by which time he was separated from him MontenegroHowever, the divorce could not be completed. He experienced one of his last controversies in 2022 when the press announced it Sascha He received a pension of 1,688,736 Mexican pesos a year as part of the pensions for former presidents that were axed.

The beautiful actress was born in Italy. Photo: special

Montenegro defied the censorship of the time with its appearance. Photo: special


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