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Saudi Arabia for promoting tourism and investment in Costa Rica

The Minister of Trade and Communications of the Arab country also received the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Costa Rica, Arnoldo André, on the third stop of his tour of the Middle East and Switzerland, which has already taken him to the United Arab Emirates and Türkiye, subtracting Israel and Geneva.

The Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out that Al-Qasabi André said that Costa Rica’s position would be strengthened by a strong marketing campaign on Saudi television and called on the Costa Rican Minister to present a list of projects to promote cooperation and Investments between them will strengthen both countries.

“I want Saudi television to know the Costa Rica country brand so that more people from our region visit their country and investments are encouraged through new projects,” Al-Qasabi said, according to official sources.

He claims that André, for his part, appreciates the interest in developing this communication strategy for the benefit of the country and for more Saudi companies to invest in his country.

He affirmed that “Costa Rica is a country of economic, political and social stability; that position us as the optimal destination for investment with a solid legal framework and trade agreements with the world”.

The foreign minister also noted the will to activate embassies in Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica in the coming months to strengthen bilateral friendship and cooperation ties.

The opening of this diplomatic headquarters, the Foreign Ministry announces, focused on André’s talks with Saudi Minister of Economy and Planning Faisal Al-Ibrahim, who expressed his certainty that this fact will only bring positive results for everyone.

Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia have maintained diplomatic relations for seven years and in 2022 the trade balance was $100 million.

André’s tour ends in Geneva, Switzerland, the city where he will attend the opening of sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the 27th, during which Costa Rica will officially take a seat.