Scientists and farmers join forces to save curious species

Scientists and farmers join forces to save curious species

At the MexicoAn unlikely alliance forms to protect one of the world's most extraordinary species: the Axolotl.

Scientists and farmers are joining forces to save these tiny creatures, known for their impressive regenerative abilities and their importance to the Xochimilco ecosystem.

Preserve the “water monster”.

The axolotl, often called “axolotl”.Water monster' is unique for its remarkable ability to regenerate itself.

Whether it's a lost limb or a damaged eye, this fascinating amphibian is able to restore parts of its body in surprising ways.

It also says 'Peter Pan of the animal world” as it never ages and remains youthful throughout its life.

However, this iconic species is actually in danger of extinction due to water pollution, species displacement and urbanization of its natural habitat in Xochimilco.

In less than two decades, the axolotl population in the region has drastically declined, threatening not only the survival of these animals but the entire balance of the local ecosystem.

Scientists and farmers join forces to save curious species

Axolotls are unique in the world due to their ability to regenerate. Adobe Stock/Reproduction

To meet this challenge, a team of researchers is working tirelessly in a laboratory with a colony of 120 axolotls.

Their goal is to transform the mud islands of Xochimilco, known as chinampas, into a safe environment for axolotls to thrive.

This includes creating barriers to prevent the passage of invasive species such as carp and tilapia, which pose a threat biodiversity Of the region.

These collaborative efforts not only ensure the survival of the axolotls, but also aim to restore the entire Xochimilco ecosystem.

By protecting these unique animals, scientists and farmers hope to send a strong message about the importance of preserving biodiversity and the environment.

Luis Zambrano, researcher at the UNAM Biology Institute, explained:

“If we value our environment, if we value our biodiversity, then it is this biodiversity that allows us to survive.”

In this world where environmental destruction threatens wild life and fragile ecosystems, collaboration between scientists and farmers offers a glimmer of hope for the future of axolotls and all life in Xochimilco.