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Screams and songs from the girlfriend after the death of Beatrice Luzzi's father Signorini: No words, zero empathy

Big Brother 2023/2024

Photo courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

Photo courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

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Big Brother 2023/2024

Beatrice Luzzi has left Big Brother after hearing the news of Death of his father Paul. However, the reaction of some competitors was drastic Lack of empathy which did not go unnoticed. During these hours, criticism is raining down on the house. The presenter also joined the chorus of those stunned by the inappropriate behavior seen live Alfonso Signorini.

Babbling and singing, little solidarity for Beatrice Luzzi after her father's death

In the Big Brother house, only some participants showed that they understood the seriousness of Beatrice Luzzi's fate. Vittorio Menozzi, Fiordaliso, Monia La Ferrera, Rosanna Fratello and Greta Rossetti are among the Gieffini who appeared most shocked when they heard the news of the death of the actress' father. Conversely, Letizia Petris said that “you can’t stop a TV show” for that. Other participants then began singing Negramaro's song at the top of their lungs while everything was flowing. When Rosanna Fratello and Monia La Ferrera heard the noise, they looked at each other in disbelief. They then asked their fellow adventurers to lower their voices and commented, “That's not fair.”

Alfonso Signorini's reaction

Alfonso Signorini was stunned by the inappropriate behavior of the reality show participants. The Big Brother presenter intervened and expressed his disappointment on Instagram by publicly criticizing part of the cast:

Big Brother cancels televoting after Beatrice Luzzi leaves

The lack of empathy shown by some GF competitors today literally leaves me speechless.

The death of Beatrice Luzzi's father: the news for her ten days ago

On December 24, Beatrice Luzzi received a nice video message from her father: “These idiots you see gathered here are part of the Cisilin family and part of the Luzzi family. We are gathered here to give you a Merry Christmas.” But we are not all, we are few, a minority and we seem to be idiots. Despite everything, best wishes to everyone who watches this video. To those in the house? Those from Big Brother? I won't give it a damn.” On December 22, Beatrice Luzzi temporarily left the house to join her father, who was undergoing a delicate operation. In these hours the tragic epilogue.