Sea lions were trained by the US Navy to play

Sea lions were trained by the US Navy to play video games

For three years, the US Navy has been training sea lions and dolphins to play video games. The aim of this program is to test the cognitive abilities of marine mammals.

They have to move a cursor on the screen and use their snout to free it from a maze.

The program involves about 120 sea lions and dolphins, which are supervised, trained and cared for by 300 people.

The animals are trained for reconnaissance and rescue operations.

To enrich their development, they are offered various activities, including swimming in the sea, playing with toys and now video games.

In its most recent report, the US Navy particularly praised the achievements of Spike, the latest sea lion to join the program but has proven to be the most adept with video games. Spike was the first of his kind to complete the entire training program.