1672706188 Sebastian Kurzs boss builds an apocalyptic bunker

Sebastian Kurz’s boss builds an apocalyptic bunker

The first drafts for Kurz boss Peter Thiel’s doomsday bunker have already been published.

Peter Thiel, billionaire and former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s boss, already has plans for after the end of the world. If a nuclear war breaks out, the PayPal founder wants to retreat to a Nobel bunker in New Zealand. Thiel has already bought the building site, but the New Zealand government has rejected the first bunker project.

The super rich want to settle down

With Thiel, some Silicon Valley billionaires, like Google founder Larry Page or software mogul Sam Altman, want to leave for the South Pacific. A total of 14 shelters for the super-rich have already been built in New Zealand.

“Doomsday” Deluxe Bunker

The “Doomsday Bunker” offered by the specialist company Oppidum is particularly luxurious. It is 320,000 square meters and is intended to provide security for occupants for up to ten years. At least on paper.

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