Sebastian Pinera has died what is known about the helicopter

Sebastián Piñera has died: what is known about the helicopter accident in Lake Ranco?

Former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera died this Tuesday. Near the Ilhue sector, in Lake Ranco in the Los Ríos region, the plane piloted by the former Chilean president crashed into the water and sank 40 meters. The Interior Minister and the former president's office confirmed the death of the former president, who piloted the crashed plane to spend the summer in one of Chile's most popular areas.

The accident

It is known that the plane crashed due to heavy rain and fog. Piñera was trapped in the middle of Lake Ranco in the Los Ríos region. The hull he was in was 40 meters deep and the Chilean Navy was able to recover his body. There is still little information available about the circumstances under which the accident occurred and the matter is still under investigation.

The Lake Ranco crash site.The scene of the accident at Lake Ranco.EL PAÍS

The belt

According to preliminary information from Chilean media, the former president was unable to remove his belt and for this reason could not get out of the helicopter.

He was piloting the helicopter

The former president was an experienced pilot. He usually traveled in his aircraft, a Robinson R 66 model helicopter.

Joseph Cox

Piñera had lunch at the home of businessman José Cox. From there they planned to move to their residence in Coique Bay.

His death was confirmed

Both the former president's office and Interior Minister Carolina Tohá have confirmed the president's death. President Gabriel Boric has declared a national mourning and a state funeral.

three survivors

Piñera and three other crew members were traveling in the helicopter: businessman Ignacio Guerrero, Magdalena Piñera (sister of the former president) and Guerrero's son Miguel Ignacio Guerrero. The three were able to reach the shore alone. The fourth crew member was Piñera. “A few moments ago we received confirmation from the Carabineros that the Navy was able to reach the scene of the accident and recover the body of the late former President Piñera,” said the Foreign Minister.

Gabriel Boric

The Chilean president is on his way to La Moneda Palace after Piñera's accident. Boric was in Valparaíso because of the forest fires that have hit Chile these days.

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