See which countries Bolsonaro won as president

See which countries Bolsonaro won as president

So far, presidential elections have been held abroad closed in 59 countriesaccording to the state electoral court of the federal district, responsible for organizing elections abroad.

This makes it possible to know which candidates have already won abroad, particularly in Asia, such as China, Japan and South Korea, and Oceania, such as Australia and Oceania (see the full list below).

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However, it is important to note that the result is not official as the votes of Brazilians residing in New Zealand and other countries are released by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) only after voting is complete in all locations. The results were published on Central Eleitoral’s Twitter profile (@CentralEleicoes).

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Check out some of the countries where Bolsonaro has won the presidency:

  • Israel with 45.97% versus 39.36% for Lula
  • Nagoya Bolsonaro wins with nearly 80% of the vote in Nagoya, Japan
  • East Timor by 37 votes to 18 for Lula
  • Mozambique

This article will be updated as more results become available.

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