Selvaggia Lucarelli attack against Ilary Blasi and the flop of

Selvaggia Lucarelli, attack against Ilary Blasi and the flop of the book

Selvaggia Lucarelli back to the attack from Ilary Blasi. The journalist published another polemical tweet on X against the former letter writer and her book “How stupid. My truth.” As the Dancing with the Stars commentator points out, the book actually disappointed expectations and recorded disappointing sales, despite the hype that arose around the former Mrs. Totti after the separation from her husband and the release of Unique on Netflix. Let's find out What he said.

Selvaggia Lucarelli on the flop of Ilary Blasi's book

Almost exactly a month after the book was published by Ilary Blasi “How stupid. My truth” Selvaggia Lucarelli She returned to speak out about her previous letter with a new toxic tweet. The journalist had already attacked the former presenter last January The island of the famous (passed on to Vladimir Luxuria) for the publication of the book and assessed the whole thing as a great marketing campaign aimed at profiting from it as much as possible End of her marriage to Francesco Totti after the hype, success and media coverage of Unique on Netflix. Selvaggia had heard of “a Lady D operationvery 90s” and a month after its release she returned to work on “How stupid. My truth“, has been on bookstore shelves since January 30th.

“THEIlary Blasi's widely acclaimed book “Che Stupida” was sold 8,470 times. (Data updated yesterday by GfK)” Selvaggia Lucarelli wrote on X this morning, Friday, February 29, 2024, with a controversial tweet aimed at highlight the book's sales flop published Mondadori by Ilary Blasi registered with the German market research institute GfK.

The social media reaction

The flop of “What a Fool” underlined by Selvaggia Lucarelli. My Truth” apparently triggered the trigger reaction of the people of network and the journalist's fans, who let off steam ironic comments: “And how many of these 8,470 can read?”, “'How stupid' I think he meant the people who buy it”, “There are a lot of them, considering the target group the book is aimed at”, “Even too many”, “It has Ilary from relatives and friends”, “Okay, go have a coffee with the money” etc. are among the reactions that have already become cult.