Selvaggia Lucarelli candid confession about Biagiarelli after the chaos I

Selvaggia Lucarelli, candid confession about Biagiarelli after the chaos: “I was naive and…” | The whole truth

Lorenzo Biagiarelli Selvaggia Lucarelli Dancing with the StarsSelvaggia Lucarelli and Lorenzo Biagiarelli –

The controversy has hit Selvaggia Lucarelli and Lorenzo Biagiarelli: here are the words of the journalist after the uproar over the death of the restaurateur.

Selvaggia Lucarelli, Journalist, author and television personality Known for his direct and unfiltered style, he has been one of the leading figures on the Italian media scene for years.

His ability to engage with social, cultural and current issues biting irony and critical acumen It has earned her admiration and sometimes controversy with wild comments on social media.

Lucarelli is known for her openness and has always fiercely defended her beliefs, which has helped her achieve success one of the most influential and heard voices, especially on social mediaa, where he repeatedly fails to express his opinion on various topics, from simple to more sophisticated ones.

Known for her role as Judge on Dancing with the StarsLucarelli has never held back from very rough statements, especially about the mechanism of the program in which her partner Lorenzo Biagiarelli took part.

Selvaggia Lucarelli and Lorenzo Biagiarelli: a couple at the center of controversy

The connection between Selvaggia Lucarelli and Lorenzo Biagiarelli is one of the relationships that arouses the most curiosity in the current media landscape. As a couple not only in life but also in their civic and professional activities, they shared struggles and passions and were often the center of attention in their positions. Their relationship, characterized by intellectual and emotional understanding, was reflected in mutual support even in the most turbulent moments.

The ability to face media storms together, as happened in the case of Death of Giovanna PedrettiThey maintained a united front and demonstrated the strength of their bond despite being aware of the challenges that come with being in a relationship in the public eye. “Our relationship,” Lucarelli continued, “has been an incredible journey full of love, challenges and learning.” Despite the difficulties, we remain united, stronger than before and ready to face all the challenges of the future together.”

Lorenzo Biagiarelli Selvaggia Lucarelli Dancing with the StarsLorenzo Biagiarelli and Selvaggia Lucarelli –

Selvaggia Lucarelli feels sorry for her partner Lorenzo: the words of the journalist

Interview about the participation of Lorenzo Biagiarelli on Dancing with the Stars, Selvaggia Lucarelli expressed all her regrets. Precisely because of the emotional bond between the two, the partner was not “treated well” within the program, said the judge.

These are her words: “My friends who work in television advised me against it, they told me it was a trap, that it was a way to weaken me and attack me.” I was naive, I trusted. And in any case, this resentment was hard to predict: the ex-dancer at the table who shouted, “Go have coffee with Anastasia”; who called him “little boy”; Carolyn, who “looks me in the eye when I talk to you,” like the mean principal to the schoolboy. I think they expected my pathetic reactions, but I let them have it. They told their story, they didn't tell Lorenzo.

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