Selvaggia Lucarelli Hunziker39s half apologies are not enough

Selvaggia Lucarelli, Hunziker's (half) apologies are not enough

This time it's not enough. Lucarelli met Michelle Hunziker with a pointed (and very toxic) post he recently shared on his Instagram Stories. A Frontal attackbecause the Swiss presenter slipped during her guest appearance on Verissimo on March 3rd a misleading statement about the Anti-violence centers the women help. According to Eros Ramazzotti's ex-wife, only during the Covid emergency “Double defense” (i.e. the association she founded) had continued to work to help women in difficulty. But it was immediately denied, Hunziker. This was clearly expressed on March 4th in a statement by “DiRe – Women on the Internet against Violence”. All centers were active at the time of the pandemic. Michelle apologized (with a somewhat cold statement) and now Selvaggia Lucarelli reminds her relentlessly what he really thinks around. Here are the details.

Selvaggia Lucarelli attacks Michelle Hunziker

A story of transition, among the many that Lucarelli posts daily. However, on Instagram it appeared as a sentence, and the poor unfortunate of the moment, that is Michelle HunzikerShe, like others before her, landed on the ground in an instant. “No, dear Hunziker,” says the post, which Selvaggia promptly shares again from another social media site. “The anti-violence centers have not stoppedNot even during the pandemic.” In connection with this, the journalist also adds a comment about the poison: “Beautiful figure”. And that's enough (or maybe not).

The point is that at Verissimo last Saturday Michelle was wrong about one detail no reason to laugh. He had stated (with extreme pride) that: “With Double Defense, we didn’t stop even during Covid all anti-violence centers correct they were quiet…We worked to help women in difficulty who were within their four walls on a psychological level. closed with their executioners at home without really knowing what to do. We never disappeared, we tried to help. This is my life plan. Double defense it's not a game”.

It's a shame, though, that she intervened the next day the outrage of “DiRe – Women network against violence”, and here the fool is served. “I am shocked by what Michelle Hunziker said last night,” we read in the statement, “even those who were involved.” Emergency room projects24 hours a day, continued to intervene and reach women in hospitals, police stations or police stations. Hunziker and her center were certainly not the only ones busy at the time. Indeed, and so it had to follow a hasty rejectionfrom the Swiss Showgirl, but written in very formal tone in his place. “Michelle Hunziker,” we learn from Double Defense’s profile, “just wanted it.” refer to extreme difficulty continue to help women who have been victims of violence and continue to be a point of contact for them during the pandemic. Apologises therefore because he used the adjective incorrectly I am very grateful for the anti-violence centers and have the utmost respect and appreciation for all centers that help women.”

But the damage was that's pretty nice Completed. And obviously Selvaggia Lucarelli didn't have to be asked twice. Hunziker style broadside, Just to be clear. With a final comment that is not afraid of injury: “So She doesn't make excuses from his profile, but there's this stuff on Double Defense's profile according to eye examination. How embarrassing”. And how can you actually blame her?