Sergio Andrade39s ex wife reveals how she survived physical and

Sergio Andrade's ex wife reveals how she survived physical and psychological violence: 'He locked me up'

Guadalupe Casillasfirst ex-wife of Sergio Andradethe silence broke on his Relationship with the producer and former partner of Gloria Trevi. In a recent interview for a YouTube channel, the woman revealed how she survived physical violence And psychologically that the musician allegedly took action against her during his Wedding.

Which is now known as Linda Casillaswho was the producer's wife before María Raquenel Portillo's wife “Mary Boquitas”, appeared in an interview for the influencer channel “Ponchote” and said that she met Andrade while she was there youngerand like her other victims, she also tried to make one musical career.

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Linda Casillas talks about her relationship with Sergio Andrade

“Andrade left me manipulate to make me believe that I was attracted to him, but in reality I never was. At first he acted sweet and innocent, taking me on walks around the luxurious houses of Las Lomas and trying to impress me. I had 17 years“said the woman, who also explained that some time later the producer proposed to her and took her away from her family.

“He went out and left me closed offI don't remember why I accepted it, first I was a Regeja, do not leave Me, we had no money because he invested everything badly and I started selling records on the street. I washed, cooked, did everything. (…). “I was exhausted and normalized the restrictions, the jealousy, or the fact that he stopped talking to me,” Linda said.

Sergio Andrade imprisoned Linda Casillas Photo: Special

How did Linda Casillas meet Sergio Andrade?

Linda Casillas He also remembered the time Sergio Andrade The Blow after I tried to leave home. Despite the attacks that… Woman came back with the musician who tried to have a child with her. Likewise, they argued again and this time he left home again but this time the producer threatened to kill him. commit suicide.

“One day I got angry, I left the house and he persuaded me to come back, I accepted and then he threw tapes at me. gave me one hit and it was the only time I Blow. He tried to we would have a son, I refused. “Another day I got angry, I told him 'I'm leaving', he came after me, he threatened to commit suicide with a knife, he cried and kept begging me,” he said.

Sergio Andrade threatened to take his own life Photo: Archive

The Ex-wife of Sergio Andrade announced that he had listened to the podcast Raquenel Portillobetter known as “Maria Boquitas“, second wife of the former manager. The woman confessed that she cried because she felt that if she had exposed the artist, she could have prevented many young women from being exposed.