Sergio Mayer opens an OnlyFans account at the age of

Sergio Mayer opens an OnlyFans account at the age of 57

As a businessman, Sergio Mayer does not limit himself and at the age of 57 he starts selling content on an adult platform (OnlyFans), where his fans can watch “hot” and “high quality” content for $20.

This is according to the former member of Garibaldi, who told “El gordo y la flaca” that at first the idea outraged his daughters, but they later agreed because he was honest and told them: “Someone has to pay for the schools.”

Mayer remains in controversy due to his various disagreements with colleagues such as his former Garibaldi colleagues and recently with “The House of Famous Mexico” winner Wendy Guevara, with whom he worked for a time, although they have given up because of this, according to Loud Wendy began to feel very tense towards Mayer, which is why she chose to talk to Televisa to stop working with him.

Sergio Mayer delights his fans with “awesome” content

Sergio Mayer explained that this experience on an adult platform is thanks to his fans, who can see more exclusive content “created with great quality and respect,” he said.

The former stand-in and actor specified that the type of material is of high quality and, given that he has a wife and daughters, “the photos and videos are made in a sensual and lecherous manner; “You are worth it,” he assured.

He recalled that audiences had already seen him dancing sensually on the show “Only for Women”, although he now offers much higher quality content, and when asked why he was doing this at 57, he answered bluntly:

“Because I want to, because I can and because I have something.”

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