Sergio Ramos gets angry in the middle of the LIVE

Sergio Ramos gets angry in the middle of the LIVE interview and argues with a fan: "Be quiet now!"

Sergio Ramos gets angry in the middle of the LIVE

Sergio Ramos hasn't had a good time since returning to Sevilla. After being eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League, the historic former Real Madrid defender's team is going through a difficult time in the Spanish LaLiga and is locked in last place in the table. The 37-year-old central defender spoke to the media after the 2-0 defeat against Athletic Bilbao; However, he got into an argument with a fan in the middle of the show.

“Have a little respect, we’re talking. Have a little respect for people. And in front of the sign. Respect people. We talk. Respect people and shut up now, move on,” was the footballer’s harsh response to a fan

On the other hand, looking at the game, Ramos regretted the negative result and felt that they were wrong in front of the opponent's goal.

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“With the first three points it was a very good opportunity to start the year differently and it couldn’t be like that.” In the end it's annoying, but there is no other option, even if the speech sounds monotonous. We must suffer together and be united. Their goals were two specific plays, but we didn’t do well either,” he concluded.

Sevilla's next game

Sevilla will return to action this Sunday, January 7th, in the knockout rounds of the Copa del Rey. The Andalusian team will face Racing Ferrol at the A Malata Municipal Stadium.

LaLiga Santander table

Sevilla is in 16th place in LaLiga Santander with 16 units.