Sexual abuse of a child ex producer Luc Wiseman already free

Sexual abuse of a child: ex-producer Luc Wiseman already free

While there are still excuses to justify his crimes, ex-TV producer Luc Wiseman can still be released from prison less than seven months after admitting to sexually abusing a child.

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“Your explanations are unworthy of a man. The commission does not deny that you may experience feelings of emptiness and loneliness, but this in no way justifies the measures taken, ”we can read in the decision issued by the Quebec Commission for Conditional Liberation on Thursday.

Wiseman, 67, will have served less than a third of his sentence of two years less a day in prison for his sex crimes committed between April 2020 and April 2021. At the time, the influential producer took advantage of a stay in Charlevoix to touch the buttocks of a 12-year-old child whose identity is being protected by the court.

A few months later, in Montreal, he used a massager on the victim’s buttocks. In a third event, he kissed the teens’ breasts, not just touching their genitals.

“They initially minimized the facts […]then said you should never have done this, that you feel abandoned by your partner who works hard, that you have never had any sexual interest in teenage girls, that you had a moment of weakness […]that there should be tenderness […] that the victim needed more attention,” the decision said.

However, if the inspectors were unimpressed by Wiseman’s statements, who preferred to speak of the consequences for him rather than those of the victim, the fallen producer was nevertheless released. Because even if he still has a long way to go, he is not considered a danger to public safety due to his good behavior in prison and the low risk of recidivism.

“The favorable elements are more decisive than the unfavorable elements [au dossier], the Commission noted. Early release at this stage of your sentence will help your social reintegration. »

However, Wiseman must meet a number of conditions, including sex therapy and another sex science course. His movements are controlled and he is forbidden to approach or communicate with the victim.