Sfera Ebbasta his garage is really crazy this car is

Sfera Ebbasta, his garage is really crazy: this car is undoubtedly the jewel autoruote4x4.com autoruote4x4.com

Sfera Ebbasta - autoruote4x4.comSfera Ebbasta – autoruote4x4.com – Source: Web

Have you ever seen Sfera Ebbasta's garage? It seems like something really crazy because of the cars inside. But there is a car that would really appeal to anyone.

Sfera Ebbasta is one of the singers of the modern generation, both criticized and appreciated by those commonly referred to as millennials, who never misses his concerts and follows him avidly on social media. There was a lot of talk about him, because of his lyrics, because of his tattoos, because of his always exaggerated behavior.

At the registry office Jonathan Boschetti, born in Sesto San Giovanni in 1992 He owed his success to the album XDVR, which he recorded in collaboration with record producer Charlie Charles. In 2020 he was named the artist who sold the most records in Italy between 2010 and 2019.

A success that no one would have expected, and even if it also requires criticism, Sfera Ebbasta makes the best of a bad situation, doesn't shy away and accepts everything willingly.

His passions? There Music first and it couldn't be otherwise, women and finally the cars. A real enthusiast who has a large number of cars in his garage, some of which are real gems.

Sfera Ebbasta the cars featured in his videos

Nowadays Video clips Of the singers, one car always dominates, and many of Sfera Ebbasta are shown for whom his cars are not enough. Like many contemporary rappers and trappers, Sfera is often accompanied by luxury cars.

Perhaps the most famous one is this Porsche Taycan 4s which is presented in fluorescent colors in the video for Baby, a real success for the singer. Let's not forget that in unsuspecting times, Sfera Ebbasta had reported some thugs who “had fun” writing on his car with keys.

Porsche Taycan s4 - autoruote4x4.comPorsche Taycan s4 – autoruote4x4.com – Source: Web

In the rapper's garage

But what cars does Sfera Ebbasta own? As already mentioned, the beautiful Porsche was only used for the baby video. They are in his collection There are numerous models availableIt was often the rapper himself who showed it off. One of the nicest ones in his garage is one BMW i8 Cost: 150,000 euros, earned from the first successes.

However, he recently bought one Lamborghini Urus of more than 200,000 euros. A car that the singer showed on his Instagram profile.

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