39Shakahola massacre39 Kenyan cult leader charged with murder of 191

'Shakahola massacre': Kenyan cult leader charged with murder of 191 children Paris Match

Doomsday cult leader Paul Mackenzie and 30 of his followers were brought before a Kenyan court on Wednesday (January 17) and charged with the murder of 191 children.

He told them to fast “until death” and promised that they would then be able to “meet Jesus Christ before the end of the world.” Paul Mackenzie, leader of the Doomsday cult, is charged with the murder of 191 children in Kenya. But no fewer than 429 members of his church, Good News International, have starved to death in recent years.

The police intervened in June 2023 in this cult, which had settled on a 320-hectare ranch in the Shakahola forest, after 15 members of the church appeared to them as corpses. They then explained that Paul Mackenzie had asked them to “fast until death.”

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The police then found “dozens of shallow graves” and hundreds of corpses on site. But of the 191 dead children, only 180 were found.

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A survival cult

Through the Doomsday cult, Paul Mackenzie promised his followers that he would prepare them for the end of the world. But once they arrived at the ranch in this remote forest, “the followers were not permitted to leave the area or interact with each other,” the police report said.

The report also points out that “supporters had to destroy important documents, including identity cards, birth certificates, property deeds, academic certificates and marriage certificates,” which led to problems identifying the dead.

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And given the indictment of 95 Paul Mackenzie supporters, we can imagine the hell the defendants endured: murder, cruelty, torture of children.

Charged with “terrorism”.

The trial for the murder of the 191 children was eventually postponed so that a psychiatric examination could be carried out on Paul Mackenzie and his 30 supporters accused in the case. But on Thursday, January 18th, the guru was back in court. He and 95 of his supporters were told he was now being prosecuted for “terrorism.”

While he awaits trial, the guru remains behind bars, where he is currently serving a separate one-year prison sentence for being found guilty of running a film studio without a valid license and producing films for his sermons.