1676842039 Shakira and Piques new and cold encounter goes viral

Shakira and Piqué’s new and cold encounter goes viral

The encounters between Shakira And Gerard Pique they are inevitable.

The parents of Milan And Sascha They are destined to see each other for a few years until their children are older. On the other hand, when they must collapse, they do so on tiptoe and with as little proximity as possible.

A curious person picked up the ex-partner a few days ago during her visit to the sports center where her eldest son Milan was playing a game.

The faces, facial expressions and behaviors of both were radically opposite, which can also be seen in the video, which went viral on the networks.

Shakira and Piques new and cold encounter goes viral

Evrim Aydin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Shakira and Piqué, tense clash

While the singer laughs, jumps, enjoys and celebrates every move of her son and his team from the front row, Piqué stays in the background.


Moreover, the former Barcelona player decided to watch the game as far away as possible, not only from his children’s mother but also from the rest of the people.

“When you go to your brother’s game and meet Shakira and Piqué,” the person who recorded this video wrote on their networks.

The artist was always accompanied by her little son Sascha and also by her mother Nidiahis current inseparable companion along with his brother and father tonino And William Mbarakwho is still in the recovery process.